Recommended Google Maps & Earth Project Videos

Here is a collection of excellent videos to help you to use Google Maps and Google Earth for educational projects.

How to Use Google Map Street View

Internet Services and Social Networks Tutorials from HowTech

How to Use Google Map Street View – Explore the World From Home


Using Google Street View on Mac or PC


How to Use Google Maps STREET VIEW on Phone!

How to Digital

How to Use Google Earth Street View to take Virtual Photos

Patrick Hancock

How to Use Historical Imagery in Google Maps Street View

Daniel Findley

Create Graphic Organizers and Visuals with Google Drawings

Social Studies Samurai

How to Use Historical Imagery in Google Earth

Daniel Findley

How to Use Google Earth Tutorial 2020 – Beginners Guide For Teachers, Parents, and Kids

The EdTech Show

Google Earth Tutorial: Adding Features

Google Earth

Introducing creation tools in Google Earth

Google Earth

Learn Google Earth: Navigation

Google Earth

Google Earth Projects for Custom Tours & Presentations – Tutorial (New 3D Google Tour Builder)

Jen Jonson

Storytelling with Google Earth Projects | Bring the World to Your Classroom

Social Studies Samurai

Google Earth Project Sample

Greg Sherman

Google Earth Projects 1


Google Earth Project Feature

Matt Bergman

Google Earth: Building a Project

Global GEG

Creating Video Clips and Movies with Google Earth


Google Earth Projects – Video Walkthrough

Greg Kulowiec

How to Create a Google Earth Project

Reedy Library